Evernote is an online tool designed to make remembering things easy.  It allows users to store notes, documents, audio, photographs, and the like all in one place.  It is great for keeping things in sync, organizing, creating lists, saving web pages, researching material, working with peers and so much more.  This means that it can help students in almost all aspects of school. It stores and edits notes so that the user can access and edit them on multiple machines. It also gives the user an added advantage of being able to save and synchronize files across all digital library devices automatically!  If you are someone who has a hard time keeping track of where you left off on a paper or what sources you used, this is the tool for you!


You are probably wondering how Evernote is different from Dropbox. Well Dropbox is the best for syncing files among various platforms where Evernote is best for collecting and organizing information. This means that both tools are great to use in conjunction. 

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