Google Drive

Google drive is an online storage system provided by Google Inc. It allows you to upload all of your documents (pictures, music, video, documents, etc…) online. This allows you to access them from any computer, share them with others, and use it with other google suite products. All you need to do to go started is go here and sign in using your google email. Google drive starts you off with 5 gigs of storage for free which can be upgraded to more at a cost of $2.50 per month. The great thing about google drive is that you can download the google drive app onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer which gives you the option to access your files from any devices at any time. It is very user friendly and the learning curve is relatively easy.

So, how to we use this to learn?

1.) The beauty of google drive is that you are able to share your documents with others. Using this service will allow you to share information with group members when working on a project. All members can upload and view information shared on the drive.

2.) Having the ability to store all of your information online allows you to access the information anywhere at anytime.

3.) Information stored on google drive allows  you to interact with other google suite products such as google docs or google sites.

Click the link below for a how-to guide and further in-depth information.

Google Drive

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